Concrete Texturing, Stamping, & Patterns

The process of concrete stamping may be used in concrete applications to produce a surface that resembles brick, slate, flagstone, cobblestone and other materials. Because concrete is such a commonly used building material for driveways, courtyards, patios, and walkways, stamped concrete is a popular application for creating a feasible yet unique design. There is also significant cost savings that is realized using stamped concrete as opposed to natural building products. In addition, the stability, longevity, and the visual appeal of these methods of concrete design have lead to an overwhelming increase in the demand for stamped concrete projects.

Overdrive Concrete will gladly discuss with you the process we use to achieve a uniform surface via concrete stamping, but most importantly, this process gives the property owner the ability to creatively compliment the surface and surroundings by utilizing a combination of texture and color. The side bar displays a few examples of concrete stamping projects we have worked on in Georgia.